This is the brand new website for Kodie Sloane based out of Fernvale in Queensland.

Over multiple trips to the U.S. Kodie has performed in some of Nashvilles famous bars to appreciative audiences.

With hints of Ashley Munroe, Miranda Lambert and classic country styling's like the great George Jones, she brings a country sound that is quickly disappearing in todays music. Kodie`s musical style is influenced by some of the greatest country singers and songwriters the world has to offer such as Steve Earle, Merle Haggard, Chris Stapleton and many more which has resulted in her own unique style of music.

Kodie has honed her live performance skills around South East Queensland before hitting the road via the pub circuit and then on to major festivals and events throughout Australia and New Zealand as a founding member of the very popular Left Of Center duo.

Her musical journey began at the tender age of 12 with her eclectic musical tastes differing from the usual tastes in music for teenage girls resulting in her own unique style.

Be sure to check back frequently for updates and new information on Kodie Sloane !